When I first started preparing my own food I would find myself drowning in recipes. My cabinets were full of ingredients I’d only use once. Cookbooks and many cooking blogs take a very strict approach to ingredients, measurements and style. It’s rare to find recipes that overlap pantry items in the same place.

My goal with this site is to take a more informal approach to cooking. I don’t want you to learn how to follow a recipe, I want you to learn how to cook. I’m not going to inundate you with measurements. Teaspoons and tablespoons and what not. It will be a pinch here, a swirl there. I will attempt to organize the dishes in a way so that different flavors and spices can be organized by ingredients and style. In short, how people actually cook. We don’t all have time to recreate what we saw on Master Chef last night or ate at our local fine dining establishments. We need proteins and vegetables and starches. We need them to be delicious and prepared quickly and easily.

Seeing that the site is brand new, a lot of our story remains to be told. In the future my aim is to produce more video content and features on different ingredients. For now it’s just about filling the page with good seasonal food that’s easy to make.

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