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How to Butterfly a Chicken

Butterflying a chicken is a simple and useful technique that I use to grill or sauté an entire bird. Butterflying meat is to split the meat almost entirely apart and spread it flat. This allows very thick proteins to cook faster and more evenly in certain cooking conditions.

Images ahead, vegetarians beware!

The first thing you want to do is lay the bird on its front with the body cavity facing away from you. The back will be right side up. It has a lot less meat than the breasts and the drumsticks will be tucked under the thighs.


The second step is to take a pair of kitchen shears and start to cut along the spine. Finish the other side and pull the back bone out.


A little gruesome. The next step too. Take the bird by the thighs and bend the it away from the center until you hear some bones crack and you’re able to lay it flat.

Salt, pepper and you’re ready for the cook!


Remember poultry safety! Wash your hands or wear gloves and keep the raw chicken off of surfaces that will have other food on it! Salmonella is a cruel mistress!

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